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Volume 35, Issue 4 (2006)

Of Helping and Measuring for Early Childhood Intervention: Reflections on Issues and School Psychology's Role

pp. 615—620

The current issue of School Psychology Review is devoted to the topic of early identification and intervention to accelerate learning for young children. Simply, it is about helping, measuring, and measuring the helping for young children at risk. This topic, aimed at school psychology practice, is timely and important given the intersecting national movements for high-quality early childhood care and education, and for accountability in child outcomes. As the included articles allude, however, this topic is not simply about the practices of measurement and intervention with young children; rather, the undercurrents reveal critical issues far more complex and broad. These undercurrents reflect not only contradictions in the early childhood fields themselves, but also fundamental differences among traditional school psychology perspectives and practices and the unique philosophy and recommended practice standards for early childhood professionals. Even the constructs of early identification, intervention, acceleration, and directive learning clash when applied to early childhood care and education.

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