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Volume 33, Issue 3 (2004)

Teachers' Knowledge of ADHD, Treatments for ADHD, and Treatment Acceptability: An Initial Investigation

pp. 421—428

Abstract. The purpose of this study was to begin to explore the relationship among teachers’ knowledge of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), knowledge of common treatments for ADHD, and acceptability of different approaches to treatment for ADHD (medication and behavior management). Relationships also were explored between these variables and teachers’ training and experience in working with children with ADHD. Results indicated that teachers’ knowledge of ADHD, years of teaching experience with students with ADHD, and training demonstrated positive relationships with ratings of medication acceptability. In addition, teachers’ participation in ADHD training was positively correlated with knowledge of ADHD and acceptability of behavior management strategies. Overall,fewer positive relationships were observed than predicted. In addition, observed statistically significant relationships were relatively small in magnitude,raising questions about the importance of considering these variables in intervention planning for students with ADHD. Directions for future research are discussed.

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