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Volume 33, Issue 3 (2004)

Commentary: Paradigm Shift, Outcomes Criteria, and Behavioral Interventions: Foundations for the Future of School Psychology

pp. 408—416

Abstract. This series of articles documents the increasing sophistication of behavioral interventions across a broad class of behaviors including academics, social behaviors, and emotional regulation. The foundation for effective interventions in the schools is better than at any time in history and, most important, the current political realities are more supportive of evidence-based interventions than at any previous time. The further development and implementation of behavioral interventions is discussed in the context of the paradigm shift that is underway in general and special education and its enormous implications for school psychology practice. The foundations for a shift from a correlational to an experimental foundation for educational policy and school psychology practice are discussed in this article with implications suggested for continuing education and preservice preparation of school psychologists.

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