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Volume 5, Issue 2 (1976)

The Others-Concept: Its Place in the Schools

pp. 4—12

School psychologists frequently receive referrals of children who exhibit antisocial behaviors or who are perceived as uncooperative and negativistic. Although psychologists’ recommendations vary depending upon details of the referral and their own orientation, a suggestion is sometimes made that relates to finding ways for improving the child’s self-concept. While this may be helpful, if ways for implementing the recommendation can be found, the likelihood of the child exhibiting more positive behavior might be enhanced if a related recommendation were added. The related recommendation is to try to find ways for improving the child’s others-concept, that is to say, how he perceives and feels about other people. If the child can come to feel not only more positive about himself, but about other people as well, he is more likely to act positively with others. The rationale for this thesis, its implications, and supporting research will be the subject of this article.

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