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Volume 30, Issue 2 (2001)

Functional Assessment of Distracting and Disruptive Behaviors in the School Setting

pp. 211—226

Abstract. More common than severe behaviors, distracting and instructionally disruptive behaviors frequently result in disciplinary decisions being made for the student who is exhibiting them. These behaviors are troublesome not because they threaten the physical or psychological safety of the student or those around him/her, but because they usually occur at a high frequency and make instruction difficult.This article describes a four-phase procedure that can be used to functionally assess distracting and disruptive behaviors occurring in the school setting. A variety of procedures under each of the first three phases will be discussed, as well as the utility of each procedure for the school setting. Procedures for linking information gained in the first three phases of the model to treatment implementation and treatment monitoring will also be discussed. Finally, a case example will be presented to highlight described procedures.

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