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Volume 29, Issue 2 (2000)

Perspectives and Practices in Family-School Partnerships: A National Survey of School Psychologists

pp. 235—250

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to describe the perspectives and practices of school psychologists toward family-school partnership activities. A national sample of 417 school psychology practitioners rated (a) their perspectives about family-school partnership activities in general, (b) how important it is for them to engage in partnership activities, and (c)whether or not they had engaged in 12 specific partnership activities during the past 12months. Respondents overwhelmingly supported the general concept of parent involvement in education and perceived their own involvement in family-school partnership activities as important. The activity, “Consulting with families about specific ways they can support their child’s learning and behavior at school” received the highest importance rating and was engaged in by more than 95% of the respondents during the last 12-month period.Practitioners who worked primarily within the lower grade levels and those who were more likely to agree with the statement, “Every family has some strengths that can be tapped to increase student success in school” participated in more family-school partnership activities during the past 12 months. Implications of this study for practice and research are discussed.

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