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Volume 28, Issue 1 (1999)

Construct Validity of the AARM Adaptive Behavior Scale-School

pp. 31—43

Abstract: The AAMR Adaptive Behavior Scale-School: 2 (ABS-S: 2; Lambert, Nihira, & Leland,1993) is the second revision of the original 1975 AAMD Adaptive Behavior Scale,Public School Version (ABS-PSV). Although the ABS-S: 2 is a significant improvement over the fast revision of the instrument, Adaptive Behavior Scale,School Edition (ABSSE) there is a need for further study of the scale’s construct validity. This study examined the construct validity of the ABS-S: 2 through exploratory factor analyses. Estimates of subtest specificity also we recalculated to provide users with an empirical basis for interpreting the ABS-S: 2’s domains as separate adaptive behavior strengths and weaknesses. Results indicated that the ABS-S: 2 is best understood as a two-factor instrument for both children with mental retardation(MR) and for those without mental retardation (NonMR). The test does seem to reflect personal independence and social behavior as the scale’s authors intended. Because the data strongly indicate a 2-factor model for both the MR and Non-MR samples, users should be cautious when interpreting ABS-S: 2 results in terms of the 5-factor model presented by the test’s authors. The estimates of unique variance derived also indicate that most of the ABS-S: 2 domains do not have sufficient subtest specificity to be interpreted as unique adaptive behavior strengths or weaknesses.

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