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Volume 27, Issue 2 (1998)

Assessment of Violence and Other High-Risk Behaviors With a School Survey

pp. 317—330

Abstract: This study reports the results of a school safety survey administered to 10,909 7th-, 9th-, and 11th-grade students in a Virginia suburban school district. The survey assesses attitudes toward aggressive behavior and high-risk behaviors including weapon carrying,fighting, and substance use. Analyses of statistical significance and effect size indicated that the elimination of surveys judged to be invalid substantially reduced the reported incidence of all forms of high-risk behavior; although boys reported more high-risk behavior than girls, mre than 10% of girls reported high-risk behavior including fighting, substance use, and carrying weapons at school within a 30.day period; aggressive attitudes and gang membership were linked to high-risk behaviors; and there was strong correspondence between high-risk behaviors at school and outside of school, but lower frequencies at school than outside of school. These results have implications for future use of school surveys and identification of students likely to engage in high-risk behavior.

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