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Volume 27, Issue 2 (1998)

Alternative School Psychological Services Development of a Databased Model

pp. 246—259

Abstract.- A conceptual framework is presented based on the integration of basic domains affecting school psychological science and professional practice. The framework has led to the development of a databased model of alternative school psychological services. This approach attempts to provide guidance to program development of service delivery based upon systematic empirical data that examine children’s functioning and caregiver’s needs in specific contexts. The model was developed during the following four interrelated phases:examination of the patterns of psychosocial and academic functioning of average students;examination of the profiles of at-risk groups of students with unmet needs; identification and assessment of the particular needs and problems of specific school districts in a community; and development of a service delivery model and provision of specific services.The model was applied in the Greek schools and was directed at promoting children’s well-being by filling the system’s psychological services void.

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