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Volume 26, Issue 1 (1997)

Attribution Retraining: Implications for its Integration Into Prescriptive Social Skills Training

pp. 61—73

Abstract: The purposes of this article are to (a) describe the general components of attribution theory as it applies to social motivation and behavior in children, (b) describe research on social attributional change techniques, (c) offer ideas for applying attributional theory and techniques in the context of a best-practices, cognitive-behavioral model of social skills training, and (d) specify a research agenda for developing attributional retraining as a prescriptive component of social skills training. A review of literature revealed that children who are withdrawn or aggressive are likely to show differing maladaptive attributional patterns that may interfere with social skills acquisition or performance. The use of attributional assessment, modeling, and coaching/reframing are detailed for each phase of a cognitive-behavioral model of social skills training which includes assessment and skills conceptualization, skills acquisition, and generalization and maintenance of skills to non-treatment settings. Specific suggestions are made for an emerging line of research.

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