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Volume 26, Issue 4 (1997)

Oral Reading Fluency and Authentic Reading Material: Criterion Validity of the Technical Features of CBM Survey-Level Assessment

pp. 535—553

Abstract: This study assessed the effects of curriculum on the technical features of survey level curriculum-based measurement (CBM) in reading. Participants were 57 students in grades 2 through 4. Survey-level CBM reading passage probes from literature-based basals and authentic reading material ranging from first- through fifth-grade difficulty and a teacher-administered test of reading comprehension were administered to all students within a two-week period. Results indicated that the correlation between survey-level CBM and reading comprehension was similar regardless of the material used for assessment. Developmental fluency rates also were similar across the two curricula. Overall, findings support the use of the CBM oral reading metric as a valid measure of reading.

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