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Volume 24, Issue 3 (1995)

Teacher's Ratings of the Acceptability of Curriculum-Based Assessment Methods

pp. 497—511

Abstract: General and special education teachers evaluated the acceptability of two psychoeducational assessment techniques, curriculum-based assessment (CBA) and published, norm-referenced tests (PNRT). Using the Assessment Rating Profile (ARP), teachers’ ratings of a case study that presented data obtained using either CBA or PNRT methods were compared. Comparisons between the acceptability ratings of the CBA and PNRT conditions found that CBA was consistently rated as a more acceptable method of assessment than PNRT. In addition, the psychometric properties of the ARP were examined. The internal consistency of the ARP was .94 and the test retest reliability was .93. The implications of using CBA with teachers and school psychologists are discussed.

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