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Volume 24, Issue 3 (1995)

Using Computer Technology to Monitor School Progress and Remediate Reading Problems

pp. 426—439

Abstract: School psychologists have used computers in daily practice for many years, predominantly for data management and report writing. However, as school psychologists move toward a more consultative model of service delivery, they need to know about existing technology to help students with reading and learning disabilities. This includes hardware such as speech synthesizers or digitizers, and optical character recognition systems and software such as integrated learning systems (ILS), intelligent computer assisted instruction (ICAI), hypermedia, hypertext or responsive text, text-to-speech systems, word processors, outliners, spelling and grammar checkers,\ and specialized reading programs to supplement basic skills and reading comprehension instruction. This article focuses on research about applications of text-to-speech systems in diagnosing and remediating word recognition, vocabulary knowledge, and comprehension disabilities.

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