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Volume 24, Issue 4 (1995)

Social Skills Assessment: A Comparative Evaluation of Six Published Rating Scales

pp. 648—671

Abstract: A comparative and integrative review was conducted of six published rating scales commonly used to assess the social skills of preschool and school-aged children. Four norm-referenced instruments are reviewed: School Social Behavior Scales (SSBS; Merrell, 1993), Social Skills Rating System (SSRS; Gresham & Elliott,1990), Waksman Social Skills Rating Scale ( WSSRS; Waksman, 1985), and Walker-MCConnell Scale of Social Competence and School Adjustment (WMS; Walker & Mc-Connell, 1988). The School Social Skills Rating Scale (S3; Brown, Black, & Downs, 1984) and Social Behavior Assessment Inventory (SBAI; Stephens & Arnold, 1992) are included as criterion-referenced rating scales. Content and use, standardization sample and norms, scores and interpretation, and psychometric properties were reviewed. We concluded that the most comprehensive instrument is the SSRS because of its multi-source approach and intervention linkage. The SSBS and the WMS are useful tools for a more limited school scope. The remaining norm-referenced scale, WSSRS, is not recommended. Following initial screening, the S3 and SBAI are useful for a more specific examination of particular behaviors to target for change.

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