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Volume 23, Issue 3 (1994)

Age, Race, and Gender DIfficulties in Child and Adolescent Self-Concept: Evidence From a Behavioral-Acquisition, Context-Dependent Model

pp. 496—511

Age, race, and gender differences were examined in global and domain specific self-concepts among 2,188 American children and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 18 years. Although a few statistically significant effects of age, race, and gender on global and domain-specific self-concepts were found, the differences appeared to be of little qualitative or clinical significance. Self concept appears to be a construct that is influenced very little by demographic characteristics of an individual. However, further investigations of multidimensional self-concept (especially longitudinal) arc necessary to provide additional support, for the claim that global and domain-specific self-concepts arc minimally influenced by important human conditions such as age, race, and gender.

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