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Volume 23, Issue 3 (1994)

Science: Educational Tools for Diverse Learners

pp. 442—463

This article provides background for school psychologists to use in consulting with teachers about learning problems in science. The emphasis is on (a) the conflicting forces acting on teachers - poor performance, increasing expectations, curriculum reform, and current curricular practices; and (b) how curricular interventions can help solve and even prevent learning problems. The two approaches that have dominated current practice and proposed reforms in science education during the past few decades, process, or activity-based inquiry (nonexplicit) approaches, and traditional, textbook-based, teacher directed approaches, do not align well with the research-based design features of quality science curricula diverse learners need. Considerate, well-designed instruction in the big ideas of science is proposed as an alternative to current practice and proposed reforms. Four important research-based guidelines for designing or selecting science education materials are described.

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