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Volume 23, Issue 4 (1994)

Will the Real School Psychologist Please Stand Up: Is the Past a Prologue for the Future of School Psychology? - The Identity of School Psychology Revisited

pp. 584—588

Looking back 14 years, I now believe I was right at the time, but times have changed dramatically. I also know that I was wrong about some of my predictions concerning how all of psychology would be in 1992 (Bardon, 1982). In 1978, I said “There cannot be a professional psychology at the non-doctoral level without some recognition of the meaning of the difference” (Bardon, 1979, p. 166), and I added ‘WA will not back down” (p. 166) on this issue, meaning that the doctoral level should be the basic level for a professional psychologist. I also believe I was correct that a competency-based approach to training in professional practice, as then promoted by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), is insufficient to describe what sound professional practice is really all about.

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