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Volume 22, Issue 1 (1993)

Formative Evaluation of Academic Progress: How Much Growth Can We Expect?

pp. 27—48

The purpose of this study was to examine students’ weekly rates of academic growth, or slopes of achievement, when Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) is conducted repeatedly over 1 year. Using standard CBM procedures in reading, spelling, or math, students in Year 1 (n = 546) were measured once each week; students in Year 2 (n = 2,511) were measured at least monthly. Results provided corroborating data across years and interesting patterns for different types of measures. Findings are discussed in terms of how to use normative slope data to establish appropriate goals for student outcomes. Implications also are discussed in terms of (a) how such norms can be developed for other ongoing assessment systems, (b) developing a technology for the measurement of student change, and (c) developmental theories of academic growth.

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