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Volume 22, Issue 3 (1993)

"Afrocentric" Explanations for Sxchool Failure: Symptoms of Denial, Frustration, and Despair

pp. 568—577

This article is a rejoinder to arguments presented in Hale’s and Richardson’s rebuttals to the article One giant step backward: Myths of black cultural learning styles (F &by, 1993). Both Hale and Richardson present no substantive data that refutes the main evidence discussed in the original article. Their comments are analyzed within the framework of the five reasons why BCLS theories, though largely unsupported, continue to thrive in social science literature (Frisby, 1993). Consistent themes running through Afrocentric explanations of racial school achievement disparities are (a) its denial of established research findings that contradict Afrocentric ideology, (b) its appeal to frustrated educators, and (c) its conviction that black children are too culturally aberrant from the mainstream for their problems to be solved through established educational principles.

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