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Volume 21, Issue 1 (1992)

Intellectual Assessment of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People: A Quantitive and Qualitative Research Analysis

pp. 82—94

A review of published and unpublished literature (N studies = 285; total N subjects > 171,517) describing the intelligence of deaf and hard-of-hearing people was conducted to determine: (a) assessment practices used with deaf and hard-of-hearing people, (b) outcomes of intellectual assessment with deaf and hard-of-hearing people, and (c) the interaction between assessment practices and assessment outcomes. The results show (a) the research is growing at a slow pace, and is often isolated from mainstream psychology, the Wechsler Performance Scales are the most popular assessment instruments, (c) methods for administering tests are significantly and substantially related to measured intelligence, and (d) use of special norms does not affect IQs, and may be premature. Recommended practices, experimental methods, and quantitative outcomes consistently agree in pointing towards “best practices” for use with deaf and hard-of-hearing clients. Implications for practitioners serving deaf and hard-of-hearing people are also discussed.

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