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Volume 21, Issue 1 (1992)

Legalism Versus Professionalism in Diagnosing SED in the Public Schools

pp. 29—34

No issue seems to have galvanized the thinking of professionals in the field of education of children or youth with behavioral or emotional disorders as much as the potential exclusion of pupils with social maladjustment from the category of serious emotional disturbance (SED). Witness, for example, that at least a dozen papers on this subject have appeared, or are about to appear, in the literature just since the start of the decade (American Psychological Association, 1990; Cline, 1990; Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, 1990; Forness, 1992; Forness, Kavale, & Lopez, in press; Knitzer, Steinberg, & Fleisch, 1990; Maag & Howell, 1992; Nelson & Rutherford, 1990; Nelson, Rutherford, Center, & Walker, 1991; Skiba & Grizzle, 1991; Slenkovich, 1992; Weinberg & Weinberg, 1990).

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