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Volume 3, Issue 3 (1974)

Practical Approaches to Facilitate the Career Development of Women

pp. 40—46

Women do not exist in a vacuum. What women do and can do affects and is affected by the perceptions and actions of men; by the same token, the limitations put on female development also create obstacles and prescriptions for the way men act, behave, and grow. It is my firm conviction that we both can have greater control over our lives and development if males and females, counselors and teachers all accept some responsibility for doing something about women’s untapped resources, talents, and potentials. I would like to see counselors (what follows could apply equally as well to school psychologists)—who are supposed to be facilitators of human growth and development —as key persons in bringing about changes in this area in public school, college and vocational school settings, both through counseling and through curriculum intervention with teachers. I would like to discuss some specific ways in which counselors can function in order to accomplish this.

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