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Volume 20, Issue 1 (1991)

Test Bias of a Kindergarten Screening Battery: Predicting Achievement for White and Native American Elementary Students

pp. 132—139

Abstract: This study examined the relationship between a kindergarten screening battery (KSB) and academic achievement as a function of children’s race. Subjects were 702 elementary school students, enrolled in kindergarten, first, third, and fourth grade. Multiple regression analyses were used to examine the relationship among the KSB, race, and KSB x race interaction with the criterion variable.The KSB battery was composed of scores from the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-Revised, the Kindergarten Language Screening Test, the Developmental Visual-Motor Integration Test, and the McCarthy Draw-A-Child test. The criterion variable for each of the four separate grade-level analyses was the Stanford Achievement Test total battery score. Results from each analysis showed the increment in R2 due uniquely to the interaction was insignificant (i.e., regression slopes were homogeneous). By contrast, the effects of race and the KSB were significant for all grades (p< .01), and indicated that the majority White group was under-predicted on the SAT achievement criterion and Native Americans were over-predicted.

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