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Volume 20, Issue 1 (1991)

Effectiveness of a Response Cost Raffle Procedure on the Disruptive Classroom Behavior of Adolescents With Behavior Problems

pp. 97—109

Abstract: An ABAB experimental design was used to evaluate the effectiveness of a response cost raffle procedure on the appropriate classroom behavior of junior high students with mild to moderate behavior problems. The response cost raffle procedure was a replication of a previous investigation reported by Witt and Elliott (1982). The procedure had strong positive effects on the behavior of two of the participants, with suggested, although less conclusive, effects on the other two. The results indicated that the response cost raffle can be an effective and practical classroom management procedure for increasing appropriate and decreasing disruptive and inappropriate classroom behavior with this age group.Suggestions for improving its implementation, particular behaviors that appear to be affected by the procedure, as well as its limitations are discussed. Suggestions for further research that would enhance the utility of the response cost raffle procedure are also offered.

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