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Volume 20, Issue 4 (1991)

Annotated Bibliography for the Mini-Series

pp. 472—484

Abstract: Concern over identification procedures and special education instructional interventions for Hispanic youngsters with handicaps has been expressed in courts, legislatures, and professional forums. Increasing the number of qualified Hispanic and bilingual school psychologists is essential to delivering effective educational and mental health services to Hispanic children with learning or emotional handicaps. The Texas A & M School Psychology Doctoral Program,with support from the U.S. Department of Education/Office of Special Education,offers an ongoing training emphasis in Hispanic children and youth with handicaps.Factors related to the recruitment and retention of Hispanic trainees are identified and discussed. Graduates from this program have influenced the education of Hispanic students with handicaps through delivering services directly to that population, conducting related research and development activities, and training school psychologists and special and regular education teachers.

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