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Volume 20, Issue 4 (1991)

Preparation of School Psychologists to Serve as Consultants for Teachers of Emotionally Disturbed Children

pp. 530—550

Abstract: The study involved an analysis of a training package developed as part of a federally funded training grant to teach consultation interview skills to 15school psychology students in three phases of behavioral consultation: (a) problem identification, (b) problem analysis, and, (c) treatment evaluation. In Experiment 1, five consultants were exposed to a treatment package consisting of a training manual and readings, video tape interview models, skill rehearsal, and supervision feedback. In Experiment 2, teaching relationship skills and instruction in system issues were added to the package for five consultants. In Experiment 3, the four consultants were exposed to the same package and one received a mentor-ship training format. In each experiment the consultants were evaluated on the acquisition of interview skills, generalization of the skills to role play analogue situations, and generalization to child cases referred for psychological services by teacher-consultees of emotionally disturbed children. Results of all three studies indicated that the training package and its variations were effective for teaching consultation interview skills. Results are discussed within the context of the cost of training, content of intervention training, and future directions for training research.

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