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School Psychology Forum (SPF)

Volume 6, Issue 4 (Winter 2012)
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Emotional and Behavioral Screening
Steven R. Shaw

The winter 2012 issue of School Psychology Forum is a large and exciting theme issue and deals with the development and complexity of university screening of behavioral and emotional risk for school-age children. Randy W. Kamphaus served as guest editor by inviting, reviewing, and developing this theme issue. These six papers present extraordinarily useful information that contributes to the knowledge base and the practice of school psychology.

“Screening for Behavioral and Emotional Risk: Constructs, Measures, and Practices,” by Randy W. Kamphaus, answers two questions that are central to screening for behavioral and emotional risk: For what do we screen? How realistic is universal screening for schools?

“Implementing Interventions and Progress Monitoring Subsequent to Universal Screening,” by Kimberly J. Vannest, details how such a screening program can be developed and implemented.

“Mental Health Screening and Academic Outcomes in Elementary School,” by Julia I. Juechter, Bridget V. Dever, and Randy W. Kamphaus, is a data-based study examining the relationship between behavioral and emotional screening and academic performance.

“Considering Social Validity in the Context of Emotional and Behavioral Screening,” by Fred W. Greer, Brandy S. Wilson, Christine DiStefano, and Jin Liu, deals with the acceptability and social validity of behavioral and emotional screening, and how this information affects implementation.

“Choosing Informants When Conducting a Universal Screening for Behavioral and Emotional Risk,” by Erin Dowdy and Eui Kim, discusses who should be the informant when conducting behavior and emotional screening of students.

“Chasing the Unicorn: Practical Implementation of Universal Screening for Behavioral and Emotional Risk,” by Bridget V. Dever, Tara C. Raines, and Christopher M. Barclay, provides logistical considerations and case illustrations of the implementation of successful screening programs.

This is an innovative and forward-looking set of papers that provides quality research and thinking that advances knowledge and the practice of school psychology. Please direct questions, comments, ideas for future theme issues, or manuscript submissions to SchoolPsychForum@naspweb.org

Steven R. Shaw, editor

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