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School Psychology Forum (SPF)

Volume 6, Issue 1 (Spring 2012)
SPF Cover
Research and Scholarship Affecting the Directions of School Psychology Practice
Steven R. Shaw

The spring issue contains two articles addressing very different issues related to the practice of school psychology. The first is a retrospective study of the effects of grade retention on social and emotional functioning in a sample of students with borderline intellectual functioning. Ritzema and I provide an extensive literature review and original data describing the unintended effects of grade retention on depressive symptoms. Although it is a longer and more detailed study than typical of SPF, many practitioners have been asking for data on this topic. The second is a review and thought paper on how the advances in genetics are being largely ignored in the practice of school psychology, yet have potential to make contributions to practice. Claro, Moumne, and Sferdenschi create a controversial thesis that is certain to provoke discussion.

There are now five special issues planned for future editions of School Psychology Forum. The journal welcomes submissions, suggestions for articles, suggestions for future special issues, and comments. In addition, SPF will consider general submissions.

Special issue #1: Evaluations of school-wide or large group interventions. SPF is an excellent forum for large-scale program evaluations. The goal is to publish quality examples of program evaluations. SPF would like to publish papers that use a variety of methods, analysis of systemic issues, or interesting methods of interventions. Examples include: obesity prevention, school-wide positive behavior supports, social skill programs in a Head Start program, and a host of prevention programs.

Special issue #2: Providing educational and psychological services for foster care and adopted students. This is a broad category that includes research and novel interventions for counseling and academic issues for international adoptees, students in the foster care system, and specific issues for children who were adopted.

Special issue #3: Reading interventions in the classroom. Investigations and program evaluations on specific Level II and III reading interventions for any age are welcome.

Special issue #4: The practice of neuropsychology in the schools. This issue will contain research and innovative practice in the area of neuropsychology. Examples include concussion prevention, collaborating with neurologists and rehab centers, interventions for children with traumatic brain injury, educational value of assessing and intervening in the area of executive functioning, and assessing processing for children suspected of having learning disabilities.

Special issue #5: Technology and school psychology. This issue will contain innovations and research in the use of technology in school psychology and education, in general. Examples include the value of computer-based test scoring, using social medial in the practice of school psychology, approaches to intervening with cyberbullying, and using technology for distance learning.

Please consider listening to the interview with the authors, and ask questions and make comments on the NASP Communities page. And, as always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or have an idea for a paper that would fit nicely into School Psychology Forum at SchoolPsychForum@naspweb.org.

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