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NASP Home NASP Publications School Psychology Forum (SPF) Volume 6 Issue 2 (Summer 2012) Yoga as an Intervention for Asthma
Volume 6, Issue 2 (Summer 2012)

Yoga as an Intervention for Asthma

pp. 39—49

ABSTRACT: Asthma is a common chronic respiratory disease of childhood. Symptoms include airway irritability, constriction, inflammation, accelerated respiration, congestion, wheezing, coughing, and chest tightness. Episodes may be triggered by exercise, allergens, cold air, infections, and psychological stressors. Asthmatics display distortions of posture involving various muscles of the face, neck, chest, and the respiratory tract. In the current study, yoga was employed as the treatment due to the effects of psychological stressors on the symptoms of asthma, the muscle involvement of the condition, and the evidence suggesting yoga effects both musculature and emotions. A multiple baseline design employing yoga as an intervention to increase lung functioning and happiness as well as decrease anxiety was investigated using three school-age children with chronic asthma. Results, based on the effect sizes, indicated slight but measureable improvement in lung functioning as well as improvement in happiness.

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