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Volume 3, Issue 1 (Winter 2009)

Goal Attainment Scaling: A Progress-Monitoring Tool for Behavioral Interventions

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Abstract: Within a response-to-intervention framework, monitoring students’ progress is essential for determining whether additional intervention is needed. Although progress monitoring is most commonly considered in the context of improving academic outcomes, it can be equally useful for measuring student progress toward important behavioral goals. However, behavioral assessment methods such as systematic direct observation by a consultant or repeated administration of broadband standardized behavioral rating scales do not offer the specificity and sensitivity necessary for monitoring individual students’ behavioral goals within a multitier service delivery system. One such method that can be used effectively for behavioral progress monitoring is goal attainment scaling (GAS). This article describes the development of GAS as a clinical evaluation tool and its current uses within school psychology practice. A case example and analysis are also presented to illustrate the utility of GAS

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