School Psychology Review

Issues in the Use of Observational Assessment

Harold R. Keller

pp. 21-30

Behavioral Assessment

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The use of observation in behavioral assessment has been critically reviewed extensively(e.g., Haynes, 1978; Johnson & Bolstad, 1973; Jones, Reid, & Patterson, 1975; Kent & Foster,1977; Lipinski & Nelson, 1974; Wildman & Erickson, 1977). Other reviewers have examined specific observational approaches pertinent to behavioral assessment, such as analogue measures(Haynes, 1978; McFall, 1977; Nay, 1977), self-monitoring (Ciminero, Nelson, & Lipinski,1977; Haynes, 1978; Mahoney, 1977; Nelson, 1977b), ecological observation (Carlson, Scott, & Eklund, this issue), and phenomenological observation (Bogdan & Taylor, 1975; Wilson, 1977).Keller (1980) critically discusses the role of observation within behavioral consultation, and Alessi (this issue) provides excellent practical suggestions for conducting behavioral observations in the schools.