School Psychology Review

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pp. 93-98

Behavioral Assessment

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The stated purpose of the text is to provide a “how to do it” manual for students,researchers, and clinicians. Given the variable needs of each of these groups, such an undertaking is indeed an energetic one and few texts can provide so much in a single volume. The strength of this volume is that its detail should be particularly useful to students and researchers of behavioral assessment. Methods for reliable recording are offered, a host of measurement scales with discussions of validity and reliability are presented and various methods of behavioral observation are suggested. More specific suggestions for application in applied settings are most often left to the creativity of the reader. Since the text attempts to deal with so much, many of the chapters appear to deal with issues superficially. For example, the chapter on interviewing refers to a variety of systems for collecting data, but to make use of any of those systems the reader would have to refer to the original source. Each chapter is comprehensively referenced allowing the reader to refer to a variety of other sources.