School Psychology Review

Behavioral Assessment: Questionnaires

C. Chrisman Wilson

pp. 58-66

Behavioral Assessment

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BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENT: QUESTIONNAIRES: Along with the increased emphasis in recent years on a behavioral construct system which stresses direct observation of behavior, a number of questionnaires with potential utility for behavioral assessment in schools and school related settings have been developed and employed.Among the behaviors targeted for questionnaire assessment in schools and related settings have been children’s adaptive behavior, aggressive and noncompliant tendencies, anxiety, social interactions, hyperactivity, and a variety of teacher and peer behaviors. Within a behavioral construct system, direct observation of behavior is desirable; however, this may not always be possible or appropriate. When children are not part of an observable social system (Haynes,1978) or when the presence of outside observers might have an unnecessarily disruptive influence on children’s behaviors (as might be the case for the presence of observers in the classroom),questionnaire instruments may become the primary source of behavioral data (Haynes & Wilson, in press).