School Psychology Review

Assessment Alternatives: Non-Standardized Procedures

Corinne Roth Smith

pp. 46-57

Behavioral Assessment

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Presented in symposium, Broader dimensions of assessment: Uses in committees on the handicapped.Meetings of the National Association of School Psychologists, San Diego, March 1979. INTRODUCTION: Standardized testing has come under frequent criticism for: its comparison of individuals to norms, its sampling of underlying theoretical processes that have questionable validity, its use within the ability training controversy (Hammill & Larsen, 1974; Mann & Phillips, 1967; Sedlak & Weener, 1973; Ysseldyke & Sabatino, 1973), its reporting of unreliable intra- and inter-individual differences (Ysseldyke, 1973; Tarnapol, 1969), and its child-deficit orientation(Keough, 1972; Tarnapol, 1969). Most importantly, standardized measures seldom indicate exactly what or how a child should be taught.