School Psychology Review

Adaptive Behavior and Professional Disfavor: Controversies and Trends for School Psychologists

W. Alan Coulter

pp. 67-74

Behavioral Assessment

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“The most general formula we can adopt is this: An individual is normal if he is able to conduct his affairs of life without having need of supervision of others, if he is able to do work sufficiently remunerative to supply his own personal needs and finally if his intelligence does not unfit him for the social environment of his parents” (Binet, 1905 quoted in Goddard, 1916).This historic statement of Binet’s intention towards assessment has often been obscured in the contemporary debate surrounding adaptive behavior. Indeed, several have contended that the inclusion of adaptive behavior in the routine assessment process represents an affirmation of Binet’s attempt to assess a person comprehensively (Leland, 1978: Mercer, 1978).