School Psychology Review

Psychological Tests Used With Blind and Visually Handicapped Persons

Mary Kay Bauman, Carol A. Kropf

pp. 257-270

Services to Preschoolers and Children With Low Incidence Handicaps

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ABSTRACT: Questionnaires were distributed to psychologists serving blind and visually handicapped persons in public and private schools and agencies. The questionnaires requested the names, frequency of use, and evaluations of all tests used with visually impaired individuals. Questionnaires were returned by 104 psychologists and the results are presented in 10 tables. It seems clear that there was little unanimity either in tests used or the evaluation of those tests. One must conclude that with the possible exception of the Wechsler Verbal Scales, no test has proven sufficiently satisfactory to be fully accepted for use with blind and visually handicapped persons.