School Psychology Review

Toward Feasible Implementation Support: E-Mailed Prompts to Promote Teachers’ Treatment Integrity

Melissa A. Collier-Meek, Lindsay M. Fallon & Emily R. DeFouw

pp. 379–394

DOI: 10.17105/SPR-2017-0028.V46-4

General Issue

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Abstract. Although high levels of intervention implementation are more likely to lead to improved student outcomes, educators struggle to maintain high implementation levels over time. School psychologists might provide research-supported, consequence-oriented supports (e.g., performance feedback) to promote educators’ implementation, yet these are reactive and potentially time intensive. This study evaluated whether a proactive, antecedent- oriented support (i.e., daily, preprogrammed e-mailed prompts) could effectively promote educators’ implementation. Findings indicate that for 3 of 4 teachers who participated in this multiple baseline single case design study, implementation of the class-wide behavior intervention improved upon receiving e-mailed prompts. In addition, increases in praise, decreases in corrective statements, and corresponding improvements in student outcomes were noted. This initial study suggests that prompts may be a feasible and effective Tier 1 implementation support that can be incorporated by school psychologists to support educators responsible for delivering interventions in the classroom. Additional implications for future research and school-based practice are discussed.