School Psychology Review

Direct Behavior Rating: An Evaluation of Alternate Definitions to Assess Classroom Behaviors

Theodore J. Christ, T. Chris Riley-Tillman, Sandra Chafouleas, and Rosemary Jaffery

pp. 181-199

Special Topic: Assessing and Preventing Behavior Difficulties

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Abstract: The method of Direct Behavior Rating (DBR) incorporates aspects of both systematic direct observation and behavior rating scales to provide an efficient means to collect time series data. This study extended the development and evaluation of DBR Single-Item Scales (DBR-SIS) as a behavior assessment tool. Eighty-eight undergraduate students used DBR-SIS to rate 2-min video clips of elementary student classroom behaviors across positive (e.g., academically engaged) and negative (e.g., academically unengaged) wording conditions. DBRSIS outcomes were then compared against those obtained via systematic direct observation. Rater bias and error, as well as criterion-related validity of DBR-SIS, were evaluated with systematic direct observation serving as the criterion measure. Results provide support for using DBR-SIS to assess general outcome behaviors relevant to classroom behavior.