School Psychology Review

Teachers' Perceptions of Word Callers and Related Literacy Concepts

Elizabeth B. Meisinger, Barbara A. Bradley, Paula J. Schwanenflugel, Melanie R. Kuhn

pp. 54-68

General Issue

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Abstract. The purpose of the study was to investigate teachers’ perceptions of word callers related to the concepts of reading fluency and reading comprehension. To this end, second-grade students (N = 408) completed a series of reading fluency and reading comprehension assessments, and their teachers (N = 31) completed word caller nominations and a questionnaire regarding their concepts related to these issues. Our findings suggested that teachers often overnominated children as word callers. Further, questionnaire data indicated a great deal of ambiguity and inconsistency exists regarding teachers’ understanding and use of the term word caller. By contrast, teachers seemed to possess a veridical understanding of the related terms reading fluency and reading comprehension.