School Psychology Review

Self-Concept of Students With Learning Disabilities: A Meta-Analysis

George G. Bear, Kathleen M. Minke, Maureen A. Manning

pp. 405-427

Mini-Series: Academic Enablers to Improve Student Performance: Considerations for Research and Practice

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Abstract. Educators often assume that the self-concept of children with learning disabilities (LD) is less favorable than that of children without LD. The present study, a meta-analysis of 61 studies of self-concept, was conducted to examine this assumption. Results showed that children with LD perceived their academic ability less favorably than their non-LD peers. In other domains of self-concept,however, group differences were less clear. In contrast to a previous meta-analysis(Chapman, 1988), the results of this study indicated no differences in self-concept as a function of special education setting. Implications for research and practice in school psychology are discussed.