School Psychology Review

Commentary: Academic Enablers and School Learning

Timothy Z. Keith

pp. 394-402

Mini-Series: Academic Enablers to Improve Student Performance: Considerations for Research and Practice

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Abstract. This commentary presents academic enablers within the broader, overlapping context of school learning theory, including the theories of Carroll,Harnishfeger and Wiley, Walberg, and others. Multivariate models are needed to understand the influences of academic enabler and school learning variables on learning, as well as the influences of these variables on each other. The overlapping nature of constructs in different models and research, although potentially confusing, also leads to a better understanding of the nature and influence of these constructs. Academic enabler/school learning models, although complex, are also practical. They can lead to an understanding of the variables that should be assessed in preparation for developing a learning intervention, the relative likely influence of different interventions, and the likelihood that different interventions will work separately or in concert. Many of the articles in the miniseries also provide insights into how to improve these school learning/academic enabler variables,thus improving learning.