School Psychology Review

Acceptability of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation: A National Survey of School Psychologists

Susan M. Sheridan, Murline C. Steck

pp. 633-647

General Issue

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Abstract: Behavioral consultation has become an important service provided by school psychologists and the subject of much research. A recent variation of the approach is conjoint behavioral consultation (CBC), which involves the school psychologist consulting conjointly with the child’s parent and teacher together. Although initial research findings indicate the model is effective in treating a number of child-related problems, many unanswered questions remain regarding practitioners’ acceptance of the procedures. This study examined school psychologists’ perceptions of CBC as a method of service delivery. Findings from a national survey regarding the acceptability of CBC are reported. Results indicated that overall, participants rated CBC as clearly acceptable. Specific consultant variables, perceived barriers, and the differential acceptability of CBC with other service delivery models are presented. Applications for school psychological practice, training, and research are discussed.