School Psychology Review

Assessment Practices of School Psychologists: Ten Years Later

Jerry B. Hutton, Richard Dubes, Steven Muir

pp. 271-284

Mini-Series: Self-Management Interventions in the Schools

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A descriptive survey of the frequency of usage of instruments grouped into nine assessment areas was mailed to 1,000 randomly selected members of the National Association of School Psychologists (1988). Of the surveys returned, 389 were usable. The survey form used by Goh, Teslow, and Fuller (1981) was modified for use in the current study. The respondents reported spending more than one-half their time in assessment activities (M = 52.74%), suggesting that the continued call for a de-emphasis on assessment remains unheeded. Comparisons between the Goh et al. study show that the reported usage of intelligence tests has lessened somewhat during the lo-year period while the use of achievement tests has increased. Also, school psychologists report using behavior rating and adaptive behavior measures to a greater extent within the past 10 years.