School Psychology Review

The Child Rating Scale: The Development of Socioemotional Self-Rating Scale for Elementary School Children

A. Dirk Hightower, Emory L. Cohen, Arline P. Spinell, Bohdan S. Lotyczewski, John C. Guare, Cynthia

pp. 239-255

Mini-Series on Psychological Maltreatment of Children

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ABSTRACT: This article describes the development of the Child Rating Scale (CRS), a socioemotional self-rating scale for elementary school children. Four CRS Factors, i.e., Rule Compliance/Acting-Out, Anxiety/Withdrawal, Interpersonal Social Skills, and Self-confidence were found consistently across four independent samples totaling more than 2000 1st through 6th grade children. Internal consistency, test-retest reliability,demographic comparisons, and indices of concurrent and construct validity are presented. The scale’s uses and limitations are discussed.