School Psychology Review

Acceptability of Treatment Alternatives as a Function of Teacher Status and Student Level

Michael H. Epstein, Johnny L. Matson, Alan Repp, William J. Helsel

pp. 84-90

General Issue

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ABSTRACT: Regular and special educators evaluated the acceptability of alternative treatments to modify a childhood behavior disorder in two experiments. In Experiment I,teacher status (regular or special educator) was varied; in Experiment II child disability (mental retardation or learning disability) was varied. Results indicated that in both experiments teachers could distinguish between treatments on the basis of their acceptability. Prom the alternatives presented to them, the order of acceptability was special education programming, counseling, affective education,behavior modification, and medication. No differences in ratings were found between regular and special education teachers, or for children labeled learning disabled or mentally retarded. The implications of acceptability as a consideration in choosing treatments for classroom settings are discussed.