School Psychology Review

Impact of Organizational Variables on the Delivery of School-Based Consultation Services: A Comparative Case Study Approach

Terry B. Gutkin, Julia H. Clark, Michel Ajchenbaum

pp. 230-235

Mini-Series on Developmental Disabilities

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It is generally acknowledged that the effectiveness and course of school-based consultation is dependent on a complex combination of many factors. Among these, school organizational factors are believed to have a substantive, and perhaps primary, impact(Gallesich, 1978; Hughes, 1980). Sarason (1971)discusses in detail, the need to examine organizational phenomena when trying to understand the behavior of school personnel. Heargues that individuals operate in various social settings that have a structure not comprehensible by our existing theories of individual personality. In fact, in many situations it is likely that one can predict an individual’s behavior far better on the basis of knowledge of the social structure and his position in it than one can on the basis of his personal dynamics (p. 12).