School Psychology Review

A Case Study Method of Assessing Consumer Satisfaction With School Psychology Services

Helen Vogel Brady

pp. 216-221

Mini-Series on Developmental Disabilities

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ABSTRACT: Regular education, elementary level teachers (AW’3) in a midwestern state completed a 22-item questionnaire assessing teacher satisfaction with school psychology service delivery in five areas: contact prior to assessment, assessment/diagnosis, written and oral communication,recommendations/intervention, and personal/professional variables. Teachers expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the psychological services they received. They were less satisfied with availability of psychologists and length of time from referral to action on a case than with other services. This study demonstrates a new technique, a case study method, for assessing teacher satisfaction with school psychology services, and suggestions that teachers’evaluation of school psychology services may be more accurate when reporting on recent and specific cases than when reporting on psychological services in general.