School Psychology Review

Scoring Difficulty of the McCarthy Scales of Children's Abilities

Jerome M. Sattler, Lisa S. Squire

pp. 83-88

Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Classroom and Academic Behaviors

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ABSTRACT: Two studies investigated examiner scoring agreement on the Oral Vocabulary, Draw-A-Design,and Draw-A-Child subtests of the McCarthy Scales of Children’s Abilities. In Study I, 10 examiners scored four randomly selected normal children’s protocols* Unanimous agreement occurred on scores for 62% of the Oral Vocabulary responses, 39% of the Draw-A-Design drawings, and 72%of the Draw-A-Child body parts. In Study II, 11 different examiners scored 60 preselected ambiguous Oral Vocabulary responses. Considerable scoring disagreement occurred, with unanimous agreement found for only 14% of the responses* The results indicate that ambiguous vocabulary responses are as difficult to score on the McCarthy scales as they are on other individually administered intelligence tests. ‘The Draw-A-Design subtest also was found to be difficult to score. However, Oral Vocabulary responses and Draw-A-Child drawings obtained in a routine administration from normal children were found to provide relatively few scoring problems. Considerable judgment is required in scoring some McCarthy subtests.