School Psychology Review

Psychological Interventions

Jacqueline A. Schakel

pp. 89-99

Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Classroom and Academic Behaviors

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This issue marks the beginning of the fourth year of publication of the “Psychological Interventions” section of the School Psychology Review. In my four years as a school psychologist I often have turned eagerly to this section in search of another idea and have been gratified to find a number of useful interventions that have worked for other school psychologists. So it is with pleasure and excitement that I accept editorial responsibilities for this valuable part of the Review. It is my intent to continue the section in the spirit with which it was conceptualized by Dan Reschly, Virginia Monroe, past Editorial Board members, and the readers of the Review as a vehicle for presenting useful, practical intervention ideas that are rooted in research and have proven effective for use by practicing school psychologists.