School Psychology Review

A Comparison Between the Koppitz and SOMPA Norms for the Koppitz Developmental Bender-Hestalt Scoring System

Jerome M. Sattler, Gerald E. Bowman

pp. 396-398

Neuropsychology in the Schools

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ABSTRACT: Two sets of norms are available for the Koppitz Developmental Scoring System: one by Koppitz (1975) and one by Mercer and Lewis (1978). The Koppitz norms are based on a nationwide sample of 975 elementary school children, ages 5 to 11 years, whereas the SOMPAnorms are based on a sample of approximately 1,900 children, ages 5 to 11 years, attending public schools in California. The two sets of norms were compared for ages 5 through 8 years which are the most appropriate ages for the Koppitz scoring system. Linear transformed scores for the Koppitz norms were used for the analysis. The results indicated that the two sets of norms often do not provide equivalent percentile ranks for the same raw scores. Until further information is available about the validity of the two sets of norms, caution is urged in making placement decisions based on either set of norms.